The latest Nikki Glaser Podcast Big bucks People

The latest Nikki Glaser Podcast Big bucks People

All the Friday by way of Thursday, comedian and you will notorious roaster Nikki Glaser provides an enjoyable, fast-moving, and you can brutally sincere check out current pop music-culture and her own personal lives.

Nikki looked into “praise kink” and you will understands the lady tastes a bit more. She has KBT’s but you to definitely failed to spoil her weekend in the Good Voice Tunes Event and obtaining closer to Wilco (Please hear the girl the favourite track Facts To share with). You Heard They Right here Earliest, there isn’t any template to have sex frequency, preferences was each other crappy and you will Nikki liked the brand new Sheryl Crow doc much one to she actually is begin to voice instance their. Inside her Reddit Clean out Nikki offers the lady relatable and funny finds.

Voicemails out-of Besties tend to be a great mispronunciation, homosexual matchmaking applications co’uhls, weird records and you can a golf ball duster!

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Andrew overcame a great hiccup to your course that he is pleased out of and you will Nikki appreciated to try out drums for Besties throughout the day

It explore work ethic and you can altering preparations last-minute. Your Read They Here Very first, 100 % free new nips plus don’t worry if for example the companion looks. Here are a few Anthony DeVito’s the fresh new special 100% free and get specific discount pod merch until 5/31: podshop.nikkiglaser.

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Voicemails from Besties are an effective mispronunciation, gay relationships programs co’uhls, creepy background and you may a basketball duster!

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This episode try paid by the UberEats, install and you will buy towards UberEats application now! Nikki is actually unwilling to know very well what Andrew got longer this morning one made your getting brilliant. She did stretching regarding her very own having the fresh bunion splints. Andrew ratings Jackass Permanently with his favorite world must manage that have note delivering. It discuss torture museums immediately after which concerning disaster in the Uvalde State. Your Heard They Right here Basic, ‘retail therapy’ is not procedures and it is okay when deciding to take your ex’s posts for those who want it. Andrew effectively can make Nikki feel “seen” on the Find yourself My personal UberEats Purchase section. Nikki’s final consider has their frustration regarding Letterman taken from later years so you’re able to interviews stars.

Voicemails out-of Besties is an excellent mispronunciation, gay matchmaking software co’uhls, creepy history and a golf ball duster!

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Andrew confesses as an excellent “Maxinista” when Nikki notices his polka-dot clothes. Even with covering the girl attention and you will putting on Airpods oftentimes Nikki preferred Most readily useful Weapon Maverick and found a special sensuous star of it. Nikki are attempting to change their banana profile with a brand new alignment mentor that knows the girl form. You Read It Here Earliest, Base is not necessarily the same as the new tissues, David Cronenberg would-be a good Bestie, Nikki really enjoyed Adam Sandler’s speech at the NYU and you can what are all thespians to accomplish? From inside the Reddit Treat Nikki introduces enough a conserved inquiries and you can stories in order to question.

Voicemails out-of Besties include a great mispronunciation, gay dating programs co’uhls, weird records and you may a basketball duster!

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Nikki’s hair care program was multiple strategies longer than Andrews. By the end the lady tresses smells like a creamsicle and happens finest with a new hack she discovered for bottom lashes. Andrew knowledge as to why he got out-of anti-depressants since Nikki try feeling all the ideas in one go. She shares what she learned off the lady Sam Harris meditation about physical solutions so you can feelings. You Read They Here First; around the websites everyone is putting its minds during the hangers, taking bad partners photos and you can artists try contacting aside its labels to be co’uhl. From inside the Top1 Bottom1 they’re going within the horn on the karaoke audio. In Finally Consider a mysterious tale out-of a meet and desired still has them baffled.

Voicemails away from Besties were a good mispronunciation, homosexual relationships applications co’uhls, scary record and you can a golf ball duster!

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Nikki and you can Andrew thought leasing bowling footwear try useless and you may an effective money plan. Nikki is actually considering much throughout the some body committing to stuff that doesn’t work. She and you may Andrew have quite different enjoy to start with Frat activities however, no regrets about it. An information facts encourages a mountain having Amber Notice. In a long Fanthrax part they listen to out of Besties in the heading to reveals by yourself, an excellent co’uhl, birthday ideas, the extra weight away from a soul and you can setting limits that have a mummy.